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Local Resources and Activities
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Welcome to Sacramento

Sacramento is America's Farm-to-Fork Capital and the only star on the map of California. The city is buzzing with things to taste, see, and savor. We invite you to pick your pleasure, whether it's our farm-fresh restaurants, plentiful farmers markets, home-grown breweries, colorful street murals, Gold Rush-era family attractions, or a sunset walk along the river. Visit Sacramento is the convention, culture and leisure arm of the City of Sacramento. With many connections to restaurants, parks, event listings, and other must-visit areas of the city, any Sacramento savvy visitor, or citizen alike will want to check out

Sacramento is the star on the map of California - where you will find cultural attractions to inspire you, cutting-edge cuisine to impress you, history to enrich you and surprises to put a smile on your face. Venture out in any direction and you'll see why we're so fond of saying, ‘California begins here.’

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