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About Us

Who is Hoo-Hoo?

The International Order of Hoo-Hoo: The Fraternal Order of the Forest Products Industry, is one of the longest standing industry service clubs in the world. Professional associations may provide valuable networks, but the men and women of this historic fraternal order share a bond that goes far deeper. If you work in the forest and lumber sector, you’ve likely heard of this enigmatic club. Perhaps you’re a member. But do you know the history of the club and the origin of its name? 

Board of Directors  

The Sacramento Club has a dedicated volunteer board who commit their time to the club to promote camaraderie and networking within the membership, and raise funds and awareness for key charities. 

Hoo-Hoo International

The International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo is one of the world's oldest service organizations, having been organized in 1892. That it has survived all these years is due to the fact that its members are interested in the welfare and promotion of the forest products industry.Membership is drawn by invitation from all aspects of the forest products industry. People become members of Hoo-Hoo in their own right, not as representatives of a company or an organization although businesses and organizations often support members in Hoo-Hoo.

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